Moodle can be used and in fact proven to be extremely valuable in conducting courses online

The MLMS or Moodle Learning Management System is a wonderful virtual learning environment. It has been proven to be extremely valuable in performing online courses or support face-to-face teaching and learning. The system could be installed on any computer running on PHP and could also support SQL database types. Some of the uses of Moodle include calendar, chat rooms, blogs, Wikis, survey tool and lots more. There is an increase in the demand for Moodle developers today. This is because of the increasing number of users of the system. It is used by more than forty-three million registered users in over 54,000 websites managed by the government, companies, education and even non-profit organizations in more than two hundred countries. Moreover, the Moodle system is available in seventy-eight different languages, thus providing a global reach. The system has robust features and provides different services to help anyone acquire a learning program off the ground. The Moodle system is highly scalable and flexible and is preferred by thousands of virtual instructors and students all over the world.

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